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Homemade Ezekiel Bread – Pass the Bread, Not Gas

Ezekiel Bread is Better Bread In addition to all the benefits of using sourdough in your home (bread machine) breadmaking, you’ll want to consider using sprouts.  Sprouts and sprouted grain flours are the keys to the great high protein Ezekiel Bread I make at home all […]

My Sourdough Starter

  I once thought sourdough was just a flavor choice, but as researched it more, I discovered that sourdough really is a superfood.  It helps with gluten sensitivities, has it’s own probiotics, and really enhances the nutritional value of any bread.  But when you combine […]

Beans to Bread – Baking Ezekiel Style at Home

Baking Ezekiel Breads In addition to its high-fiber, high-protein, and low glycemic factor, making your own Ezekiel bread at home allows you to leave out the soy that is found in the commercially processed versions as well as make sure there are no additives. My […]

Pepperoni Roses: When Flowers Just Aren’t Enough

Pepperoni Roses So easy and 11-year-old can make them, so delicious the whole family will eat them! [Tweet “Pepperoni Roses: So easy a kid can make them, so delicious the whole family will eat them!”] For Valentine’s Day, we all gave a special gift to […]

Have Your Donut and Eat it Too!

It’s the sprinkles that distract my kids into believing these are just awesome donuts.  Under the sprinkles and a thin glaze (hint: melt the frosting & drizzle it for easy, thin coverage) lies Ezekiel style, high protein bread made with lentil sprouts. Some parents puree cauliflower […]

Ezekiel Bread – The Sourdough Recipe Experiment, Part 3

The Sourdough Saga Continues For the third part in my experiment, I tried making my Ezekiel pizza crusts without commercial yeast and using only sourdough as the leavening.  Here’s how it went: I went to the bread machine and pulled out a wad of dough […]

Ezekiel Bread – The Sourdough Recipe Experiment, Part 2

In my first blog on Ezekiel Bread – The Sourdough Experiment, I mentioned that I wanted to try to bake Ezekiel Bread solely with sourdough as leavening.  I’m easing into that experiment slowly so as not to lose any bread in the process.  (An inedible batch […]

Ezekiel Bread – The Sourdough Recipe Experiment

I remember when I started making Ezekiel Bread.  We had some serious masonry happening in the kitchen.  Bricks you could build a house with! Eventually, with a great deal of practice on my part and the patience of saints from my taste testers, I finally […]

Kitchen Adventures: Finding an Ezekiel Bread Recipe

My boyfriend and I love Ezekiel bread.  Since we go to the gym (some biking and lots of lifting) at least four days a week, we’re paying close attention to the foods we eat.  One food we’ve been buying lately is Ezekiel Bread.  (Ezekiel bread […]