Easy Ezekiel Cinnamon and Sweet Rolls Recipe

While I would love to eat Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls all day, it just can’t be.  So I developed a recipe for cinnamon rolls that used a high-protein Ezekiel style bread dough, lots of cinnamon and butter, but no sugar.  I can eat these at any time of day with no guilt whatsoever!   Cinnamon Rolls … Read moreEasy Ezekiel Cinnamon and Sweet Rolls Recipe

My Sourdough Starter Recipe

  I once thought sourdough was just a flavor choice, but as researched it more, I discovered that sourdough really is a superfood.  It helps with gluten sensitivities, has it’s own probiotics, and really enhances the nutritional value of any bread.  But when you combine it with Ezekiel Bread made with sprouted legumes and sprouted … Read moreMy Sourdough Starter Recipe

The Sourdough Recipe Experiment, Part 3

The Sourdough Saga Continues For the third part in my experiment, I tried making my Ezekiel pizza crusts without commercial yeast and using only sourdough as the leavening.  Here’s how it went: I went to the bread machine and pulled out a wad of dough that looked like it hadn’t risen at all. I hand … Read moreThe Sourdough Recipe Experiment, Part 3

The Sourdough Recipe Experiment, Part 2

In my first blog on Ezekiel Bread – The Sourdough Experiment, I mentioned that I wanted to try to bake Ezekiel Bread solely with sourdough as leavening.  I’m easing into that experiment slowly so as not to lose any bread in the process.  (An inedible batch is a failure I won’t abide.)  The batch I made … Read moreThe Sourdough Recipe Experiment, Part 2

The Sourdough Experiment

I remember when I started making Ezekiel Bread.  We had some serious masonry happening in the kitchen.  Bricks you could build a house with! Eventually, with a great deal of practice on my part and the patience of saints from my taste testers, I finally tweaked the recipe to be just right for all of … Read moreThe Sourdough Experiment

Easy Ezekiel Pizza Pull-Apart Puffs Recipe

These Pizza Pull-Apart Puffs are a variation on Monkey Bread and a real hit with pizza lovers (yes, you can make Monkey Bread with my Ezekiel Bread Recipe just as easily as you can with pre-made biscuit dough.) Create the Basic Recipe (or any variation previously mentioned) on the Dough cycle of your bread machine. When … Read moreEasy Ezekiel Pizza Pull-Apart Puffs Recipe

Homemade Ezekiel Bread – Pass Bread, Not Gas

Ezekiel Bread is Better Bread In addition to all the benefits of using sourdough in your home (bread machine) breadmaking, you’ll want to consider using sprouts.  Sprouts and sprouted grain flours are the keys to the great high protein Ezekiel Bread I make at home all the time.  Did I mention I make this delicious, superfood … Read moreHomemade Ezekiel Bread – Pass Bread, Not Gas

Easy Ezekiel Bread Flavor Variations

Utilize these variations on the basic Ezekiel style bread recipe to create specialty, artisan Ezekiel style breads your friends and family will love. Cranberry/Orange Bread Add zest of one large Orange to the wet ingredients. Add 1 cup of Dried Cranberries, like Craisins, to the dough during the mid-cycle alert. Chocolate Bread Add ¼ cup … Read moreEasy Ezekiel Bread Flavor Variations

Ezekiel Style Flatbread & Pizza Crusts

Ezekiel Style Flatbread & Pizza Crusts https://wp.me/paqxAL-264

My family is crazy about pizza so creating an Ezekiel style pizza crust was a priority.  I’ve learned to make crusts (and Italian Cheese Bread) so comparable to Little Caesar’s that the kids don’t complain when they get the homemade version.  With it being a low-glycemic, high protein dough, my darling companion and I don’t … Read moreEzekiel Style Flatbread & Pizza Crusts

Ezekiel Style Pita Bread Recipe

My favorite sandwich is a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich on Pita Bread.  Unfortunately, the pita bread I buy at the store will cause such an insulin response that I’ll pass out after eating one sandwich.  So I set my mind to learning how to make pita pockets at home and finally did it! By the way, … Read moreEzekiel Style Pita Bread Recipe