Ezekiel Style Healthy Donuts Recipe

It’s the sprinkles that distract my kids into believing these are just awesome donuts.  Under the sprinkles and a thin glaze (hint: melt the frosting & drizzle it for easy, thin coverage) lies Ezekiel style, high protein bread made with lentil sprouts. Some parents puree cauliflower and spinach and add it to spaghetti sauce.  Me, I … Read moreEzekiel Style Healthy Donuts Recipe

Easy Bread Machine Ezekiel Bread Recipe

I now use this Ezekiel bread recipe for all of the bread my family eats.  Variations of it provide us with pizza crusts, copycat Little Caesar’s Italian Cheese Bread, cinnamon rolls, panettone, stollen and much more! Getting Started For instructions on sprouting your beans, please read this blog. Use any sprouted beans you like. (I’ve … Read moreEasy Bread Machine Ezekiel Bread Recipe

Sprouting Beans for Making Ezekiel Bread

What to Sprout I’ve been told most seeds sprout easily, as do many legumes, grains and nuts. I’ve had some interesting misadventures with fermented grains that never sprouted and beans and legumes that turned black or stunk up the place. Luckily, they were reasonably inexpensive experiments. For our purposes, I’ll share the common beans I’ve … Read moreSprouting Beans for Making Ezekiel Bread

Baking Ezekiel Style at Home

Baking Ezekiel Breads In addition to its high-fiber, high-protein, and low glycemic factor, making your own Ezekiel bread at home allows you to leave out the soy that is found in the commercially processed versions as well as make sure there are no additives. My family and I love Ezekiel bread.  We try to eat … Read moreBaking Ezekiel Style at Home

In Search of an Ezekiel Bread Recipe

My boyfriend and I love Ezekiel bread.  Since we go to the gym (some biking and lots of lifting) at least four days a week, we’re paying close attention to the foods we eat.  One food we’ve been buying lately is Ezekiel Bread.  (Ezekiel bread is a bread made with whole grains, and sprouted beans … Read moreIn Search of an Ezekiel Bread Recipe