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Sugar & Gluten Free Protein Power Brownies

I wanted to have brownies, something that tasted like dessert but wouldn’t kill me with sugars and throw me into a carb coma.  What I got was a protein power-packed, light, fluffy, snack that could be a meal. I started with this recipe (don’t make […]

Cookies For Breakfast!

Cookies for Breakfast? YES! My kids love the idea of getting one over on breakfast.  It’s not that they don’t love breakfast foods.  Breakfast for dinner is also a favorite for them.  But nothing gets them going in the morning like a plate of cookies! […]

Maple Tequila Scones Recipe

Tequila Scones? What Madness is this?! While other folks are mixing up cocktails with tequila or *GASP* doing shots, I like to cook with it.  Meat marinades, salad dressings, desserts – tequila is a wonderful spirit for cooking! Tequila Aficionado Test Kitchen At Tequila Aficionado, […]

No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Chip #Cookies

I love chocolate and I love cookies, but sugar and I have a very bad romance.  My body doesn’t tolerate sugar.  In minute quantities, it’s fine, but a cookie made with sugar will make me want to die. No joke.  It’s like food poisoning.  But […]