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Have Your Donut and Eat it Too!

donutIt’s the sprinkles that distract my kids into believing these are just awesome donuts.  Under the sprinkles and a thin glaze (hint: melt the frosting & drizzle it for easy, thin coverage) lies Ezekiel style, high protein bread made with lentil sprouts.

Some parents puree cauliflower and spinach and add it to spaghetti sauce.  Me, I bake super-healthy bread in the shape of a donut and add sprinkles and I’m a freaking hero.

7 Sprinkle-covered donuts at Dunkin Donuts would have cost me over six dollars.  These may have cost me one tenth of that and their nutritional value is solid with 5 grams of protein each.

Get the recipe for these great baked donuts and instructions on how to make Ezekiel style jelly donuts too, check out my book Beans to Bread at Amazon.com.

[Tweet “Overheard while eating these super healthy Ezekiel donuts: “Best donuts EVER”. “]

And that was a day after having Dunkin Donuts.



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