Dark Chocolate Protein Power Brownies

I wanted to have brownies, something that tasted like dessert but wouldn’t kill me with sugars and throw me into a carbohydrate coma.  What I got was a dark chocolate protein power-packed, light, fluffy, brownie that could be a meal. I started with this recipe (don’t make these): Regular Brownies 4 Eggs ½ teaspoon Baking … Read moreDark Chocolate Protein Power Brownies

Loaded Pizza Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

I Call it “Super Spaghetti Sauce” I’ve been making this sauce for years and it never disappoints.  This sauce is basically a loaded pizza without the crust & fat.  It is spicy, hearty and eats like a meal straight out of the pot.  If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll use it for spaghetti & lasagna and … Read moreLoaded Pizza Spaghetti Sauce Recipe