Dark Chocolate Protein Power Brownies

I wanted to have brownies, something that tasted like dessert but wouldn’t kill me with sugars and throw me into a carbohydrate coma.  What I got was a dark chocolate protein power-packed, light, fluffy, brownie that could be a meal. I started with this recipe (don’t make these): Regular Brownies 4 Eggs ½ teaspoon Baking … Read moreDark Chocolate Protein Power Brownies

No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I love chocolate and I love cookies, but sugar and I have a very bad romance.  My body doesn’t tolerate sugar.  In minute quantities, it’s fine, but a cookie made with sugar will make me want to die. No joke.  It’s like food poisoning.  But I still love chocolate, especially dark chocolate, and nothing beats … Read moreNo Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe